Wayne Goss is launching ‘something’ in collaboration with CurrentBody for their CB SKIN range and I think it might be a green tea skincare line to use specifically with anti-ageing LED (light-emitting diodes) devices.

The CurrentBody Skin range is very reasonably priced and the products especially the clay mask, are excellent, but then again, Wayne’s brush collection is expensive so I’m not sure what the price point will be.

I work with CurrentBody and they send me anti-ageing devices to trial for the blog.* However, they haven’t told me what this launch is – or sent me anything – Grrr! So this is a complete guess.


There’s a potent antioxidant in green tea extract called epigallo­catechin gallate. I first talked about the benefits of using green tea with LED devices in my review of CurrentBody Skin LED Precision device here.

Researchers have shown that using LED technology in combination with a green tea extract lotion can have a visible effect on facial wrinkles and fine lines in only one-tenth of the time it took for LED therapy alone to reduce wrinkles.

Reports going back to 2009 have shown that green tea extract lotion applied 15 minutes before a LED treatment accelerates results and can have a visible effect on facial wrinkles and fine lines in only one-tenth of the time it took for LED therapy alone to reduce wrinkles.


I’ve been using Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Toner and the serum-like Essence (sold in Boots). When they ran out I bought the slightly thicker, serum-like cream – no longer sold in Boots but widely available elsewhere ie Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and Beauty Bay.

From Science Daily, September 9, 2009 

Researchers applied a daily combination of LED light and green tea extract to the facial wrinkles of a human volunteer for one month.

The combination treatment resulted in smoother skin, including “less pronounced wrinkle levels, shorter wrinkle valleys, and juvenile complexion,” the scientists say. The treatment showed promising results in only one-tenth of the time it took for LED therapy alone to reduce wrinkles. The study could form the basis of “an effective facial rejuvenation program,” and lead to a new understanding of the effect of reactive oxygen species on cellular ageing, they note.

Science Daily, you had me at juvenile complexion, who wouldn’t want to look younger, faster?

Of course, it still takes months to see visible results and no, you’re not really going to look younger – only a time machine can do that, but you can look better. You can improve upon what’s already there if you stay committed which is the hardest part.LED Precision
I bought the LED Precision as a temporary measure to replace my lost (now found) LightStim – which has been life-changing. But the Precision, even though the treatment area is smaller, has a built-in timer which is so convenient, you can properly multitask ie watch telly, without even thinking about it.

CurrentBody * is always running promotions and now it’s down to £109.00 – I paid £138.00.


*CurrentBody asked me if I would like to review a hair removal product and after a lot of research, because traditionally, IPL has a reputation for being quite painful and isn’t always effective on fair skin, I chose SmoothSkin Bare+ Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal Device.

I read a lot of reviews from all over the place and this one has come out on top as being the fastest (hair can fall out in as little as 4 weeks) but more importantly, there’s no pain.

Developed by the world’s leading IPL brand, SmoothSkin Bare+ is the fastest IPL device on the market. This ultrafast IPL device treats your entire body in just 10 minutes and comes with unlimited flashes so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

Crafted by an in-house team of experts with over 30 years’ experience, the SmoothSkin Bare+ has built-in safety features to make sure your treatments are always as safe as they are effective.

Clinically proven to stunt hair regrowth in just 4 weeks, the device is suitable for use on most areas of the body, including the legs, body, bikini line and even the face – reducing hair growth by up to 97%.

SmoothSkin Bare+ Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal Device
The little problem is that I’ve had it a week but have yet to turn it on, even to try it out on my arm. I’m really sensitive to pain. Whenever I have my eyebrows threaded, tears stream down my face, my tolerance limit is 5 hairs from each brow.

Plus, I know someone who had IPL treatment at a clinic and she said it stings like hell, yet not one review has said Smoothskin Bare+ hurts. So I will definitely take the first step this Bank Holiday weekend soon.

PS If I’m wrong and Wayne isn’t launching a green tea skincare collection, then I will quietly delete this post and we’ll pretend it never happened, OK?

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