Tokyo Olympics: Women’s Podium Training – Subdivision I

  • UB: (MxG 3) Varinska (UKR), Derek (CRO), Ting (TPE), Vidiaux (CUB), Nekrasova (AZE)
  • FX: (MxG 6) Magistrati (ARG), Nayak (IND), Tan (SGP), Rutty (CAY), Holasova (CZE)

Rotation 1:

VT – Italy – Ferrari with good double twist on an extra mat, few steps back, the next turn is better only a hop back… both D’Amato sisters solid on the Yurchenko double fulls… Maggio good Yurchenko 1 1/2

UB – Varinska – first two turns are good except the form break on the clear hip full after the Maloney… missed the clear hip full on the pressure set, but first half of the routine was perfect… finally makes the combo with the clear hip full but misses the Tkatchev half which was a little close… of those days for her!

BB – Japan – first two routines are hit really well… Murakami – front pike a little short but well covered… sharp all the way to the end, hop forward on the pike double! The specialist Ashikawa goes perfect with round off triple twist dismount! Didn’t look like Japan had any falls or major wobbles in this workout!  

FX – Tan and Nayak get through a floor routine, Tan missed the layout after a 2 ½… but then does it again successfully!

Rotation 2:

UB – Italy – both D’Amato hit so did Maggio, everyone is quite comfortable here. Ferrari misses one of her piros before the Jaeger, but a very long routine which she doesn’t finish… she hits a good second half the very next turn!

BB – Derek off the beam on a leap… then back on the beam and repeats the switch half, gainer tuck on the dismount… Nekrasova sort of jumps off after one of her sideways jumps, front full on the dismount; Varinska – ff-ff layout two feet is more of a pike, the ring jumps are lovely, small wobble on side somie, dismount with a layout, which we know is going to be a double twist! Varinska with another gorgeous turn, but misses the series, double full on the dismount!

FX – Japan – very clean on the tumbling and the landings on the first two routines, they look super prepared thus far… Murakami slightly short on the tuck double-double but nothing major quick to cover the landing, good double layout, 2 ½ full is perfect, and a good pike double-very good; the individual Ashikawa does a floor routine, triple twist and double twist on the last two passes!

Rotation 3:

VT – Japan – two presented Yurchenko 1 1/2s, first one is amazing second one is short and not landed; Murakami two hops backwards on Yurchenko double full… after two front handspring front pikes she attempts a Rudi but it is quite short… almost lands the next attempt but puts her hands down eventually… makes her third try and the Japanese coaching staff applauds.

BB – Italy – D’Amato and Maggio hit, both with minor wobbles…then Ferrari goes looking good, only round off layout on the dismount! Alice D’Amato strong routine, slightly under turned on the triple twist dismount; the individual, and FX world cup qualifier Mori perhaps plans to compete here-full set with layout timer on the dismount! Another composed routine from Ferrari, but no dismount. Alice D. with one more turn, fall on series but makes the dismount better!

FX – Varinska – double tuck and 2 ½ on the first two passes… lovely dance elements! Derek – front tuck step out to a double tuck with light help from the coach, only back full on the dismount… Varinska does make her 2 ½ front eventually!

Rotation 4:

UB – Japan – Murakami hit well just a little close on her toe on piked Tkatchev after the one in the warmup was a little too far; Hatakeda hits too, but doesn’t connect the Pak to the Maloney half, puts a stalder in between… lots of inside stalder work in her routine!

FX – Italy – Ferrari’s tuck double-double is huge in warm ups…

Maggio makes the double layout but falls on the second pass and walks off the floor;

Asia D. good double layout, but falls short on the Arabian double… hits the full and the tuck double… good Arabian double later on!

Ferrari – tuck double-double, whip full in, both are big and easy… layout step out to double tuck clean… makes a big double layout after the routine!

Alice – triple full mount is little out of control on the landing, front handspring front double full clean on the dismount.

Mori – whip full in lands it but goes oob, 2 ½ layout… and the rest of the passes are well done!

VT – Nekrasova – a few front handspring front pikes in the warmup… then a big Tsuk layout… looks like just timers

Varinska – after a few layouts, goes for a full which is tucked, takes two more turns and gets to a layout full but puts her hands down, finds something to makes the next one!

Vidiaux – first turn Tsuk layout with the mask on… steps are off two turns later… good Tsuk double full… the Rudi goes up but it is a little short and she puts both knees down.

Tokyo Olympics: Women’s Podium Training – Subdivision II

  • BB: (MxG 7) Rooskrantz (RSA), Daries (RSA), Hämmerle (AUT), Ryan (IRL), Gehani (SRI)

Rotation 1:

VT – China – lots of timers before they do anything serious… then quite a few fulls… Zhang makes a couple of good Tsuk double twists, and a pair of Yurchenko double fulls with a spot for Ou

UB – GBR – Gadirova hits the firs bar set here… Kinsella hits too slight stumble on the Arabian double… Morgan hits as well… Gadirova 2 didn’t go for her Malone half and had to jump off, short break, and gets it going… makes it the second time around!   

FX – Russia – Melnikova and Akhaimova good on full twisting double layouts in warm up… Listunova so, so clean on her double layout, deserves extra points which she won’t’ get!

Urazova – stuck full in pike, 2 ½ tuck clean, tuck double a little low but no move on the landing, double twist dismount

Listunova – double layout and triple twist clean… 2 ½ front little short, but she manages just fine… light tuck double at the end, quite clean! 

Melnikova very bouncy on the full twisting double layout landing, over rotates the double lay step back, front full beat jump, bouncy on the double pike landing too… a few much better landings after the routine!

Akhaimova hits quite well, full in dismount!

Rotation 2:

VT – Russia – Akhaimova makes the first and second attempts of a Rudi, Urazova almost on the zone on the layout timer…the full timers for the team look very good… lot more height than China! Listunova first double full is good… the second one she twists a little early off the table but still easily to her feet. Melnikova’s double full is quite strong, travels a lot!

Big Tsuk double full for Akhaimova, easy… looks in a good position for the final!

Urazova – two double fulls both decent

Melnikova working Cheng with spot but appears makable!

UB – China – Fan hits her warmup turn… Tang hits a long sequence! Lu hits a routine as well, the Tkatchev to Gienger is really cool! Zhang, hit, probably the routine they won’t use in team finals! Fan hits her set, light spot on the Komova II and two steps back on the dismount, but the form on the Healys is perfect!

Ou off on the Maloney twice, didn’t make the first, pealed on the second…

Very strong from Tang again, a full routine that is near perfect!

Ou hits a really good routine this time, but she is so close on the dismount, repeats the dismount which is just as close…the third one is perfect! Fan one more dismount, with much better landing!

BB – GBR – Kinsella nails the side aerial to layout-layout… a few bubbles from one of the Gadirovas here!

Rotation 3:

UB – Russia – Iliankova good on the big releases on the first warm up but off on the Ezhova…

Listunova – hits a good set, with much improved form on the tuck double-double… second half after the routine with a stuck landing!

Melnikova is perfect here… even the piked Jaeger… she goes for a second routine, very good again!

Urazova superb too… very little separate the three main routines!

And a well hit routine from Iliankova too!

BB – China – they look phenomenal on the warm-up turn… and they do the same on the pressure routines as well… only one wobble from Tang…

The specialist Guan hits both the layout two feet and front handspring front… wobble on the split half… pike double with the coach standing there, clean in the air and a step forward!

FX – GBR – double tuck, 2 ½ front and front full for Morgan here… solid! Both Gadirova sisters very strong tumbling… tuck double doubles and double layouts!

Rotation 4:

VT – GBR – some big vaulting here for the team… massive Yurchenko double fulls from Jessica and Jennifer G., another double twist front Kinsella not quite at the same level, but still!

BB – Russia – Urazova and Gerasimova almost full routines on the warmup turn, while Melnikova and Listunova more of a turn of basics.

Urazova – really clean on layout step out mount, and triple series, then jumps combo to Onodi… all that with her socks on, clean 2 ½ dismount… wobble free routine!

Melnikova – no wobble, but only single tuck on the dismount. Second routine, again no wobble and stuck pike double!

Listunova wobble on the front handspring front.. lovely on the leaps, tuck double at the end… The second routine for Listunova much stronger!

Gerasimova comes up with a big first routine… Sticks the front handspring front in the second set too… a couple of wobbles on sheep jump and side aerial to layout, she is so comfortable here, 2 ½ step back!

FX – China – only three girls warming up, no Ou! Tang full in clean, then triple twist punch front… 2 ½ at the end, looked like she was planning a front out of it! Tang repeats the 2 ½ front pike later.

Zhang – front double full to front layout, then whip to triple, pike double at the end, solid routine!

Lu – full in mount and double tuck dismount are a little bit short, turns are perfect though!

Next subdivision: USA, Netherlands, (MxG 8): Francis (JAM), Orrego (PER), Janik (POL), Castro (CHI), Savranbasi (TUR) and (MxG 1): Godwin (AUS), Whitehead (AUS), Holbura (ROM), Iordache (ROM), Martins (POR), Mokosova (SVK).  For the live quick hits follow the IG Facebook page.

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