If you caught my previous video from Eurobike 2021, you’d be well aware that the show was cargo bike central, with a healthy dose of e-bikes scattered in. And we loved it – but that wasn’t what we had initially attended for. No, we’d embarked on our annual pilgrimage toFriedrichshafen on a quest to unearth everything road and gravel.

This year, though, it took a keen eye to spot the skinny (and not-so-skinny) tyres amongst the cargo boxes and child carriers. But there were a few standout items. There were some bikes from a few big players but many more from the mid-sized and smaller builders. Brands you may or may not have heard of, depending on how hardcore cycling geek you are, I guess.

Niner, Wilier, Cipollini, Nicolai, Portus, Aeroe, SKS and DMT all had some delights on show.

Did this year’s expo show us that gravel is on the decline? No, not at all – just that the cargo bike scene was very much what the show was about this year and that brands that usually deal in gravel stayed away. But trust us, this gravel thing isn’t going anywhere fast.

Hopefully, this video whets your appetite for a bit more gravel – in fact, a lot more gravel. In the coming weeks, we’ve got some good things heading your way, both here and on the CyclingTips YouTube channel. So stay tuned.

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