This keto meatloaf recipe is so easy it takes just minutes to prep—one bowl, no chopping, just stir together a handful of pantry ingredients and add ground beef or ground turkey. It’s paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and Whole30-compliant. And best of all your family will love this low carb meatloaf recipe!

This keto meatloaf differs from the classic meatloaf recipe in a few key ways—it’s made without breadcrumbs, panko or crackers, ketchup, brown sugar, milk, or cheese. It also doubles as a turkey meatloaf recipe. I’ve made it both ways and this tasty meatloaf is equally good with ground beef or ground turkey.

This is the easiest and best meatloaf recipe for those on a paleo or keto diet—and for the whole family. My family requests this paleo meatloaf recipe all the time!

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Here’s what you’ll need

The secret is swapping out the ingredients that are high in carbs with ones that are low carb and paleo-friendly. First, swap out the breadcrumbs.

Ground beef, bowl with salsa, almond flour, egg, spices, baking soda

Many keto meatloaf recipes use crushed pork rinds or flaxseed meal as a substitute for breadcrumbs. I wanted to keep it super simple and use ingredients I have on hand all the time—which means either almond flour or coconut flour. I use almond flour because it has a milder flavor and will not absorb all the liquid in the recipe like coconut flour.

Omitting the milk in traditional meatloaf recipes reduces the carbs and keeps it dairy-free. As does omitting the parmesan cheese.

Swapping the bread and milk for almond flour and a pinch of baking soda keeps the meatloaf light and moist.

Next swap sugar-free salsa for sugar-laden ketchup. My favorite is the cantina style salsa in the jar from Whole Foods 365 brand. It has just 2 grams of net carbs per serving.

The only other ingredients are and some chili or taco seasoning (my homemade swap for chili powder includes garlic powder and smoked paprika), salt and of course the ground beef.

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How to make it

This recipe couldn’t be simpler. It’s basically a dump recipe that takes 5 minutes of hands-on prep. I wanted something that’s easy to put together at the end of a long day and throw in the oven.

Just whisk together the egg, almond flour, salsa and spices in a large bowl. Mix in the ground meat and spread in a loaf pan. You can also make a loaf shape on a baking sheet, but I think this recipe works better in the loaf pan.

Simple and ready to go in the oven in less time than it takes for the oven to preheat!

Keto meatloaf with ground beef ready to go in the oven

Temp to bake meatloaf

What temperature do you bake the meatloaf? The minimum safe cooking temperature for ground meat and meat mixtures is 160 degrees for ground beef or 165 for a ground turkey meatloaf (using an instant-read meat thermometer inserted in the center of the meatloaf). If you wondering how long to cook the meatloaf, I find it usually takes around 40 – 50 minutes total cooking time for a one-pound meatloaf in a 350-degree oven.

Keto meatloaf with topping

This meatloaf cooks for 30 minutes before you spread the remaining salsa on top and continue baking. With the salsa adding flavor throughout the meatloaf and spread on top in place of a glaze, you won’t miss the ketchup! And skipping the sweet glaze helps keep this meatloaf low carb.

Keto meatloaf for dinner


Turkey meatloaf – this recipe is delicious with ground turkey. I often make a turkey and a beef meatloaf at the same time for meal prep. Just use two bowls and add all the same ingredients to each, then mix ground turkey in one bowl and ground beef in the other.

Italian meatloaf – while the turkey meatloaf is a great option, here’s another tasty keto meatloaf variation to try. For this version, swap your favorite low carb marina infused with garlic and Italian seasoning for the salsa and chili powder. A simple salad with homemade Italian dressing is perfect with this meatloaf variation.

Ketchup glaze – if you’re a fan of the traditional meatloaf, you can top it with sugar-free ketchup, or make a substitute for regular ketchup with tomato paste, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce (or fish sauce) and a little low carb sweetener.

However you make it, serve this homemade meatloaf with cauliflower mash to stand-in for mashed potatoes and you have a classic meatloaf comfort food dinner.

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Easy Keto Meatloaf Recipe (Low Carb, Paleo, Whole30)

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